Camilla Falsini is an artist and illustrator from Rome.

Info and commissions:

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Her work is characterized by clear lines, stylized and minimal shapes and strong colors and ranges from editorial illustration to large wall paintings, from design objects to books.
After classical studies and a diploma in illustration at the IED in Rome, she started working as an illustrator collaborating with italian and foreign agencies, publishing houses (EL, Erikson Edizioni, Rizzoli, Salani, Victionary / Honk Kong, Amaterra / France, QED / United Kingdom ), companies (Europe Assistance, Gabs, Miho, RCS, Rai, ILIAD, Michelin, Nike, Adidas / NSS Magazine, Lavazza and others) newspapers and magazines (Interni, Corriere della Sera, Rolling Stones Magazine, IoDonna).
As an artist she created installations, large paintings, wall paintings or sculptures for Napapjiri, Fidenza Village, ILIAD, Lavazza, City of Turin, Manifesta / Regione Sicilia, Michelin, NIKE, Eni, Municipality of Rome, RCS, Pitti Immagine Uomo, PFIZER, Anas.
Between 2016 and 2018 she published three illustrated books: “100 CHEVALIERS” in France for the Amaterra Editions; “ZOOM: The biggest circle ever”, for Victionary, Honk Kong; “5 WILD SHAPES”, for QED Publisher, United Kingdom, which has been published in 6 languages: english (UK, USA and Canada) for QUARTO GROUP, french for GALLIMARD, spanish and catalan for EDEBE, dutch for Standaard Uitgeverij NV, italian for Gallucci Editore.
She is one of the illustrators selected at the 2017 Bologna Book Fair.
She has taken part in many group exhibitions (including one at the Milan Triennale, two at the MACRO in Rome, one at the MADRE in Naples,) and between 2015 and 2019 he has exhibited in three solo exhibitions in Ravenna, Florence and Bologna.
She participated in street-art festivals: Pangrel, Murali, Subsidenze, Pop-up, ArtConventional, FRA, Arteinattesa, Live Painting, Influences, Local Art Walls, Antonio Giordano Award, Stelvio Fest, LINK Urban Art Festival and took part in the MURo project, Urban Museum of Rome and painted a large wall for the GRAArt project curated by MURo and Anas.
Her outdoor murals can be found in Rome, Milan, Turin, Palermo, Naples, Padua, Bormio, Brescia, Monza, Ravenna, Bologna, Viterbo and in some little villages in southern regions as Molise, Marche, Basilicata. But she also made murals in interiors, such as an entire room in the Madama Hostel in Milan, in companies and offices in Rome and Milan but also for associations or in schools and playrooms or private houses.


• Wall painting “Inception” for NAPAPIJRI, Milan.
• Wall painting “I fiori del rione” for City of Naples and the street art project Assafà.
• Wall painting for UPPA, Rome.
• Wall painting/workshop “Le Avventuriere” for ARCI Solidarietà, Rome.
• Wall painting for TOWARD2030, the big project by LAVAZZA and City of Turin.
• Wall painting “NICO” in Palermo, for MANIFESTA, FONDAZIONE FEDERICO SECONDO and Regione Sicilia.
• Wall painting for the “DUE PUNTI” bookstore in Trento.
• 3 wall paintings “MONUMOSTRI” in Forlì, for MURALI STREET ART FESTIVAL.
• Wall painting/workshop in collaboration with CENTRO ZAFFIRIA in Rimini.
• Wall painting “ESSERE ALTRO” in Bergamo, for DOMINADOMNA FESTIVAL.
• Wall painting “BAJ MANZONI FONTANA BUZZATI” in Milan, for new office of ILIAD.
• Wall painting “I 6 PRINCIPI DEL SERENDIPPO” in Bologna, for Mercato Albani.
• Wall painting “ACCARDI PICASSO CALVINO FLAIANO” in Rome, for new office of ILIAD.
• Wall painting “LE CHIMERE POSSIBILI” in Milan, for NEXT Project curated by I Distratti.
• Wall painting “CONNECTIONS” in Brescia, for LINK – URBAN ART FESTIVAL.
• Wall painting “(M)UROBOROS” in Castelfranco Veneto, for the Festival DEPURATORE.
• Wall painting “WE ARE ANIMALS” in Bormio, for the Festival Stelvio Fest.
• Wall painting “LA CULATA DEL DIAVOLO” in Orvieto, for the Festival Atomic Garden.
• Wall painting “TRASFORMARSI” at City Theatre of Calcata, for the Festival Magellanea.
• Wall painting “LA STRADA NEL BOSCO” at Scuola elementare Concetti in Viterbo, for the Festival LIBRIMMAGINARI.
• Wall painting “ZAMPE, PINNE, ALI” at Lago Ex-Snia, Rome.
• Two wall painting for the studio of NECOS ITALIA, Rome.
• Wall painting “La Vita e la Morte” (30m x 7m) for GRAART, street art project around GRA of Rome, commissioned by ANAS and curated by MURo – Museo Urban di Roma.
• Wall painting “Migratori” for MADAMA HOSTEL, Milan.
• Wall painting “L’istinto è cieco” for LOCAL ART WALLS, Certaldo.
• Wall painting for family bar TIPI in Rome.
• Two wallpainting  (“La tigre di Santa Croce” e “Le presenze”)  for Premio Giordano per la Street Art in Santa Croce di Magliano.
• Wall painting “I Fantasmi del Faro” (12mx2m) during the Festival Pittura Viva in S.Benedetto del Tronto.
• Wall painting “I can be a frog” (6m x 4m) at Grauen Gallery.
• Wall painting “Cielo Bianco” (5mx8m) for the primary school in Monza, curated by Recover and sponsored by the City of Monza.
• Wall painting “L’un contro l’altro armati” (20mx5m) for the Street Art Festival Subsidenze 2015, sponsored by the City of Ravenna.
• One big painting for the City of Rome, for the International Day against Violence against women.
• Wall painting for M.U.Ro Museo Urban di ROMA.
• Wall painting at the street-art festival “Inattesa-art at the bus stop” organized by
2012 • Wall painting during “00176 Pigneto città aperta”.
• Customization (painting) on a big sculpture (one life-sized bull) for Pfizer Animal Health and exhibition at Museum MACRO in Rome.
• One big painting (600x400cm) for the event RCS Firenze&Fashion, during the fashion exhibition PITTI UOMO 2012 in Florence.
• Two big mural painting for the Nike Stadium in Milan.
• Creation of a painting for advertising commissioned by EniGas and Power.
• Two big mural painting in the Shipyard of Civitanova Marche, during the festival of street art FRA.
• Two big mural painting in Ancona, during the festival of street art POPUP!.
• Customization of a bench at design Hotel Nhow di Milano, for the art show “Ceci n’est pas un hotel”.
• Installation of 10 painted panels, in collaboration with the artist DEM, during the Architecture Festival Pigmenti in Rome.
• Realization of a mural for the event ArtConventional, in Rome.
• Creation of 34 big pained panels for the whirpool company Glass, for the campaign and for the catalog 2009, commissioned by communication agency Emporio ADV, under the collective name Serpeinseno(


• Personal exhibition “ZOO POLIFORME”  in Bologna at ZOO, 2019.
• Personal exhibition “ALTRE CREATURE”  in Bergamo for DOMINADOMNA Festival, 2018.
• Group exhibition 50 SEGNALIBRI, Turin, 2017, curated by INWARD.
• Group exhibition Magellanea, Calcata, 2017.
• Group exhibition Il Bosco Inquieto,  BiancoVolta, Viterbo, 2017.
• Group exhibition Never Grow Up,  Ex-Dinamo, Bologna, 2017.
• Selected at Illustrators exhibition at Bologna Children Book Fair 2017, Bologna, 2017.
• Group exhibition “TRENTA3”, at Rosso27 Gallery, 2017.
• Personal exhibition “CAVALIERI, INCUBI E FANTASMI” at Street Levels Gallery in Firenze and wall painting inside the gallery, 2017.
• Group exhibition “Normali Meraviglie. La Mano”, 2016, Triennale in Milan. 
• Personal exhibition “I can be a frog” at Grauen Gallery in Monza.
• Personal exhibition “Nemici Immaginari” at Galleria Mirada, Ravenna.
• Group exhibition TRACKS at the Contemporary Art Museum of Rome MACRO.
• Group exhibition “XX x XX”, curator Daniele Decia at Fondazione Studio d’Ars Milan.
• Group exhibition “La piccola bellezza”, curator David Vecchiato and Mondopop.
• Illustration for 64 Kamasutra ART BOOK.
• Group exhibition Minimart2013, at FIFTY24MX Gallery, Mexico.
• Group exhibition HOMECYCLOPEDIA 6-8 of july 2013, Borgo Futuro Ripe San Ginesio.
• Group exhibition SKETCH VINYLS 1-9 of september 2012, PISA.
• Group show “THE WOODEN SHOW”, at Mondopop Art Gallery.
• Bipersonal exhibition at CELL63 ArtGallery in Berlin.
• Collective art show ARTE SAGRA, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Two painted vinyls for the art group show VINYL HAPPENING, at the Fiera di arte contemporanea Step09 (Milan).
• Personal exhibition with Serpeinseno “Chi trovi in vitro?”, at the art gallery FragileContinuo in Bologna.
• Collective art show “Urban Superstar Show” at Contemporary Art Museum of Naples MADRE.
• One painted vinyl for the art group show “Vinyl Factory” at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Collective artshow “SketchelGroupShow”, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Collective street-art show “Scala Mercalli” at the Auditorium of Rome, curated by Gianluca Marziani.
• Collective art show “MoneyLisa”, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Collective art show “CaputMundiPop”, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Realization of a mural and exhibition at the “Rassegna di Arte Urbana BazarOne”, at the space Lanificio25 in Naples.
• Collective art show “Sottoterra-esempi di arte urbana 2° edizione”, at GIGA Gallery of Rome.
• Collective art show “Sventurata la terra che ha bisogno di (super)eroi, Indipendent Comics Festival InDays in Viterbo.


• Illustrations for Bolè Wine.
• Illustrations for Il Cucchiaio d’Argento.
• 3 illustrations for the music festival Ferrara sotto le Stelle.
• Cover illustration and an inside illustrations for Uppa Magazine.
• Cover illustration and an inside double-spread for Interni Magazine.
• 4 illustrations for the essay book “Our Planet” for Dubai 2020.
• 1 illustration for the book “100 Gianni Rodari”, Einaudi Ragazzi Publisher.
• One big project in partnership with Fidenza Village and Miart about the word LOVE, with the creation of 3 characters for posters, foulards and big wall installations inside Fidenza Village.
• Illustrations for EUROPE ASSISTANCE, annual report, RaguCommunication Agency.
• 6 illustrations for the project MISSIONE GREEN by SAMMONTANA.
• 2 illustrations for the Bat Orchid shoe for ADIDAS on NSS Magazine.
• Illustration for the book “Cento Gianni Rodari”, Einaudi Publisher.
• 5 illustrations for ROLLING STONES Magazine.
• 5 illustrations for GABS Company, inspired by ORIGABS Collection.
• Book “5 WILD SHAPES”, for QED Publisher, United Kingdom.
• Illustrations for MIHO Company (prints and home furniture).
• About 90 illustrations for Erikson Publisher for a toy about story telling: “La Valigetta del Narratore”.
• Book “ZOOM: The biggest circle ever”, for Victionary, Honk Kong.
• Illustration for the trucks for the separate waste collection GESENU, in Perugia.
• Illustration for the 2018/2019 communication of Teatro Baracca Testoni in Bologna.
• Illustrations for MICHELIN Campaign The Art Beyond Borders.
• Cover illustration for the VITA Magazine.
• 2 illustrations for Il Corriere della Sera Newspaper, Illozoo Agency.
• 3 illustrations for AbitareGea, about cohousing.
• Creation of the artist book “Legàmi”, in collaboration with private press “HD Edizioni” and Festival INCHIOSTRO.
• Illustration for SALANI Publisher, for the book “EVERY CHILD IS MY CHILD” out in December 2017.
• 2 illustrations for RIZZOLI EDUCATION: creation of 2 illustrated bags.
• Illustration for MYAU ZINE.
• Illustration for the fashion brand Tarte Tatin, creation of two big silk foulards.
• Illustration for Bronson Produzioni: t-shirts for HANA-BI 72.
• Illustration for Cartoon Network.
• Illustration for BetterPress Lab.
• Illustration for Caffè Astoria.
• Illustration for group show Never Grow Up.
• 3 illustrations for Il Corriere della Sera Newspaper, Illozoo Agency.
• Illustrations for the book Monumostri, (collaboration with Bonobolabo and City of Ravenna).
• Cover for LinC Magazine, RCS MediaGroup Agency.
• Illustration for Naples International Airport, Kidea Agency.
• Illustrations for LinC Magazine, RCS MediaGroup Agency.
• Illustration for Grappa Bertagnolli, TITA Agency. 
• Logo for MATRIOSKA Produzioni Cinematografiche. 
• Author and illustrator for the book 100 CHEVALIERS, Editions Amaterra, France. 
• Illustration for the book ROCK MOTEL, Squame Publisher.
• Illustration for the english magazine for children AQUILA.
• Illustration for SCOUT ORGANIZATION.
• Illustration for a video for the anti-corruption campaign Riparte il Futuro.
• Designer at Wallskin, brand of big wallstickers for children.
• Creation of vector illustrations for EEZY.
• Illustrations for children magazine FOCUS Pico.
• Header for PICAME MAG.
• Two cards commissioned by agency Latte Creative.
• Illustrations for RAI TV, spot for the program LO ZECCHINO D’ORO.
• Illustrations for RAI TV, spot for the program UNOMATTINA.
• Illustrations for RAI Radio Televisione Italiana, spot for the program CELIMIOMARITO!.
• Illustration for the cover of the magazine UMAG.
• Illustrations and graphic work for a video for SOLIDAR (a European network of NGOs working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide).
• Illustrations, characters and backgrounds for a video about sustainable food for the international organization Oikos.
• Illustration for agency Newserv.
• Illustration for the advertising campaign of the sound design studio TOP DIGITAL in Milan.
• Illustration for the website of the European Commission EuropeAid – Depelovment and Cooperation.
• Illustration for a poster for Feltrinelli Bookstore (commissioned by Advertising Agency TITA).
• Cover illustration for the magazine for children “AMEMì” [MONDADORI PUBLISHER].
• Illustration for Ludoteca Spazio Merolli.
• Illustrations for a listening guide of “The Swan Lake” for Teatro alla Scala in Milan (commissioned by Advertising Agency TITA).
• Logo for the indipendent record label Ribèss.
• Creation of the logo and one painting on wood for the sushi bar POISSON in Rome.
From november 2008 until january 2010
• Weekly illustrations for the magazine Iodonna of the newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera”.
• Two illustrations for the book “Ultimate Illustration 2!” Monsa Publications, Barcelona (a compilation with some of the best illustrators worldwide).
• Illustration for the magazine Fefè #09.
• Artwork and illustration for the Indipendent Music Festival iFEST09.
• Artwork and illustration for the LP “Love him” by Okapi.
• Illustration for children’s magazine “Focus Pico” n. 4.
• Illustrations for the book “I piccolini e i mostri del parco”, Einaudi Publisher, author Sefano Bordiglioni.
• Illustrations for the book “Il feroce salatino”, EL Publisher, author Sebastiano Ruiz Mignone.
• Illustrations for the book celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Playstation (commissioned by advertising agency TBWA).
• Graphics and illustrations for the book “La solita storia di animali?”, author Christian Raimo, MUP Publisher, coproduced by the Festival of Literature for Children Minimondi 2006, Parma.
• Illustrations for the two issues magazine for children Baribal.
• Illustrations for the art magazine for children Dada by Publisher Artebambini.
• Illustration for the poster “Da Museo a Museo”, for Museums of Bologna, in collaboration with the graphics studio Chialab.
• Illustration for the cover of the CD “Where’s the beef?” by Okapi.
• One illustration for “The multicultural calendar” 2005, Sinnos Publisher.
• Illustrations for the website for children “Rice is Life”, for FAO, in the 2004 International Year of Rice.
• Illustrations for the brochure of the Opera Universitaria of Trento.
• Working all along the year for the children’s magazine “Accattone dei Piccoli”, magazine of young writers for children.
• Realization of the comics “Pino&Perro”, for the artmagazine for children Zigzac, published by Art’è ragazzi (from september 2003 to april 2004).
• Illustrations of the book “Io e la tigre” by Deborah Soria, Sinnos Publisher.
• About 60 illustrations for the book “In volo – The New Anthology for the Middle School”, authors Assandri-Mutti, Zanichelli Publisher, 2004.
• Cover illustration for the magazine for kids “Il lazzarone”, curated by Chialab.
• Illustration for “The multicultural calendar” 2004, Sinnos Publisher.
• Artwork and illustration for the cd “Who is playing in the shadows of whom?” by Dogon.
• Artwork and illustration for the cd “Rumors of war” by Metaxu.
• Personal art show “Glubibulgà”, at Spazio Ta Matete, Milan.
• Monthly artwork and illustration for the internal magazine of Glaxo SmithKline all along the year.
• Illustration for “L’oeil amusè: le corps”, Editions du Rouergue and Paris-Musées.
• Illustrations for “Il gioco dell’oca di montagna”, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, for the International Year of the Mountain.
• Author and illustrator with Susanna Campana of the book “Maschere”, I colori del mondo Publisher.
• Artwork and illustration for the cd “Who is playing in the shadows of whom?” by Dogon.
• Illustrations for the Goethe Institut of Rome.
• Assistant of Chiara Rapaccini doing the animation for the credits of the movie “Panni sporchi” of Mario Monicelli.


• “5 WILD SHAPES”, for QED Publisher, United Kingdom.
• “ZOOM: The biggest circle ever”, for Victionary, Honk Kong.
• “Monumostri di Forlì”, (collaboration with Bonobolabo and City of Forlì).
• Artist book “Legàmi”, in collaboration with private press “HD Edizioni” and Festival INCHIOSTRO.
• “Monumostri di Ravenna”, (collaboration with Bonobolabo and City of Ravenna).

• 100 CHEVALIERS, (author and illustrator) Editions Amaterra, France, 2016.

• I piccolini e i mostri del parco, Einaudi Publisher, 2007.

• Il feroce Salatino,  EL Publisher, 2007.

• La solita storia di animali? MUP Publisher 2006.

• Io e la tigre, Ed. Sinnos, 2003.

• L’oeil amusè: le corps, Editions du Rouergue, 2002.

• In volo – Antologia per la Scuola Media, Assandri-Mutti, Ed. Zanichelli, 2003.

• Maschere, Ed. I Colori del Mondo, 2001.


• TATANKA Journal, 2019.
• Quadrifluox, 2019.
• ILLUSTRATORS ANNUAL (Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017), Ed. Corraini, 2017.
• ROCK MOTEL, Ed. Squame 2015

• PICTOPLASMA, the Portrait Compendium, 2014.

• 64 Kamasutra ART BOOK, Ed. Squame 2014

• Choi’s Gallery #17, 2012.

• Ultimate illustration 2! Monsa Publications, Barcelona, 2010.

• Fefè MAGAZINE #09.

• 030 illustrators – 12 illustratori under 30 Ed. HUBLAB, 2007.

• Erotika Coniglio Editore, 2006.