I'm a painter and an illustrator. I live and work in Rome, Italy

For info and commissions contact me at: io@camillafalsini.it

Internationally represented by Illozoo | the visual communication agency. For commissions please contact info@illozoo.com+1-912-631-2164 www.illozoo.com


• Wall painting “Inception” for NAPAPIJRI, Milan.
• Wall painting for UPPA, Rome.
• Wall painting/workshop “Le Avventuriere” for ARCI Solidarietà, Rome.

• Wall painting for a school in Naples for the street art project Assafà.
• Wall painting for TOWARD2030, the big project by LAVAZZA and City of Turin.
• Wall painting “NICO” in Palermo, for MANIFESTA, FONDAZIONE FEDERICO SECONDO and Regione Sicilia.
• Wall painting for the “DUE PUNTI” bookstore in Trento.
• 3 wall paintings “MONUMOSTRI” in Forlì, for MURALI STREET ART FESTIVAL.
• Wall painting/workshop in collaboration with CENTRO ZAFFIRIA in Rimini.
• Wall painting “ESSERE ALTRO” in Bergamo, for DOMINADOMNA FESTIVAL.
• Wall painting “BAJ MANZONI FONTANA BUZZATI” in Milan, for new office of ILIAD.
• Wall painting “I 6 PRINCIPI DEL SERENDIPPO” in Bologna, for Mercato Albani.
• Wall painting “ACCARDI PICASSO CALVINO FLAIANO” in Rome, for new office of ILIAD.
• Wall painting “LE CHIMERE POSSIBILI” in Milan, for NEXT Project curated by I Distratti.
• Wall painting “CONNECTIONS” in Brescia, for LINK – URBAN ART FESTIVAL.
• Wall painting “(M)UROBOROS” in Castelfranco Veneto, for the Festival DEPURATORE.
• Wall painting “WE ARE ANIMALS” in Bormio, for the Festival Stelvio Fest.
• Wall painting “LA CULATA DEL DIAVOLO” in Orvieto, for the Festival Atomic Garden.
• Wall painting “TRASFORMARSI” at City Theatre of Calcata, for the Festival Magellanea.
• Wall painting “LA STRADA NEL BOSCO” at Scuola elementare Concetti in Viterbo, for the Festival LIBRIMMAGINARI.
• Wall painting “ZAMPE, PINNE, ALI” at Lago Ex-Snia, Rome.
• Two wall painting for the studio of NECOS ITALIA, Rome.
• Wall painting “La Vita e la Morte” (30m x 7m) for GRAART, street art project around GRA of Rome, commissioned by ANAS and curated by MURo – Museo Urban di Roma.
• Wall painting “Migratori” for MADAMA HOSTEL, Milan.
• Wall painting “L’istinto è cieco” for LOCAL ART WALLS, Certaldo.
• Wall painting for family bar TIPI in Rome.
• Two wallpainting  (“La tigre di Santa Croce” e “Le presenze”)  for Premio Giordano per la Street Art in Santa Croce di Magliano.
• Wall painting “I Fantasmi del Faro” (12mx2m) during the Festival Pittura Viva in S.Benedetto del Tronto.
• Wall painting “I can be a frog” (6m x 4m) at Grauen Gallery.
• Wall painting “Cielo Bianco” (5mx8m) for the primary school in Monza, curated by Recover and sponsored by the City of Monza.
• Wall painting “L’un contro l’altro armati” (20mx5m) for the Street Art Festival Subsidenze 2015, sponsored by the City of Ravenna.
• One big painting for the City of Rome, for the International Day against Violence against women.
• Wall painting for M.U.Ro Museo Urban di ROMA.
• Wall painting at the street-art festival “Inattesa-art at the bus stop” organized by Turismocreativo.it.
2012 • Wall painting during “00176 Pigneto città aperta”.
• Customization (painting) on a big sculpture (one life-sized bull) for Pfizer Animal Health and exhibition at Museum MACRO in Rome.
• One big painting (600x400cm) for the event RCS Firenze&Fashion, during the fashion exhibition PITTI UOMO 2012 in Florence.
• Two big mural painting for the Nike Stadium in Milan.
• Creation of a painting for advertising commissioned by EniGas and Power.
• Two big mural painting in the Shipyard of Civitanova Marche, during the festival of street art FRA.
• Two big mural painting in Ancona, during the festival of street art POPUP!.
• Customization of a bench at design Hotel Nhow di Milano, for the art show “Ceci n’est pas un hotel”.
• Installation of 10 painted panels, in collaboration with the artist DEM, during the Architecture Festival Pigmenti in Rome.
• Realization of a mural for the event ArtConventional, in Rome.
• Creation of 34 big pained panels for the whirpool company Glass, for the campaign and for the catalog 2009, commissioned by communication agency Emporio ADV, under the collective name Serpeinseno(www.glassidromassaggio.it).


• Personal exhibition “ZOO POLIFORME”  in Bologna at ZOO, 2019.
• Personal exhibition “ALTRE CREATURE”  in Bergamo for DOMINADOMNA Festival, 2018.
• Group exhibition 50 SEGNALIBRI, Turin, 2017, curated by INWARD.
• Group exhibition Magellanea, Calcata, 2017.
• Group exhibition Il Bosco Inquieto,  BiancoVolta, Viterbo, 2017.
• Group exhibition Never Grow Up,  Ex-Dinamo, Bologna, 2017.
• Selected at Illustrators exhibition at Bologna Children Book Fair 2017, Bologna, 2017.
• Group exhibition “TRENTA3”, at Rosso27 Gallery, 2017.
• Personal exhibition “CAVALIERI, INCUBI E FANTASMI” at Street Levels Gallery in Firenze and wall painting inside the gallery, 2017.
• Group exhibition “Normali Meraviglie. La Mano”, 2016, Triennale in Milan. 
• Personal exhibition “I can be a frog” at Grauen Gallery in Monza.
• Personal exhibition “Nemici Immaginari” at Galleria Mirada, Ravenna.
• Group exhibition TRACKS at the Contemporary Art Museum of Rome MACRO.
• Group exhibition “XX x XX”, curator Daniele Decia at Fondazione Studio d’Ars Milan.
• Group exhibition “La piccola bellezza”, curator David Vecchiato and Mondopop.
• Illustration for 64 Kamasutra ART BOOK.
• Group exhibition Minimart2013, at FIFTY24MX Gallery, Mexico.
• Group exhibition HOMECYCLOPEDIA 6-8 of july 2013, Borgo Futuro Ripe San Ginesio.
• Group exhibition SKETCH VINYLS 1-9 of september 2012, PISA.
• Group show “THE WOODEN SHOW”, at Mondopop Art Gallery.
• Bipersonal exhibition at CELL63 ArtGallery in Berlin.
• Collective art show ARTE SAGRA, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Two painted vinyls for the art group show VINYL HAPPENING, at the Fiera di arte contemporanea Step09 (Milan).
• Personal exhibition with Serpeinseno “Chi trovi in vitro?”, at the art gallery FragileContinuo in Bologna.
• Collective art show “Urban Superstar Show” at Contemporary Art Museum of Naples MADRE.
• One painted vinyl for the art group show “Vinyl Factory” at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Collective artshow “SketchelGroupShow”, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Collective street-art show “Scala Mercalli” at the Auditorium of Rome, curated by Gianluca Marziani.
• Collective art show “MoneyLisa”, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Collective art show “CaputMundiPop”, at Mondopop International Gallery of Rome.
• Realization of a mural and exhibition at the “Rassegna di Arte Urbana BazarOne”, at the space Lanificio25 in Naples.
• Collective art show “Sottoterra-esempi di arte urbana 2° edizione”, at GIGA Gallery of Rome.
• Collective art show “Sventurata la terra che ha bisogno di (super)eroi, Indipendent Comics Festival InDays in Viterbo.



• Cover illustration and an inside double-spread for Interni Magazine.
• 1 illustration for the book “100 Gianni Rodari”, Einaudi Ragazzi Publisher.
• One big project in partnership with Fidenza Village and Miart about the word LOVE, with the creation of 3 characters for posters, foulards and big wall installations inside Fidenza Village.
• Illustrations for EUROPE ASSISTANCE, annual report, RaguCommunication Agency.
• 6 illustrations for the project MISSIONE GREEN by SAMMONTANA.
• 2 illustrations for the Bat Orchid shoe for ADIDAS on NSS Magazine.
• Illustration for the book “Cento Gianni Rodari”, Einaudi Publisher.

• 5 illustrations for ROLLING STONES Magazine.
• 5 illustrations for GABS Company, inspired by ORIGABS Collection.
• Book “5 WILD SHAPES”, for QED Publisher, United Kingdom.
• Illustrations for MIHO Company (prints and home furniture).
• About 90 illustrations for Erikson Publisher for a toy about story telling: “La Valigetta del Narratore”.
• Book “ZOOM: The biggest circle ever”, for Victionary, Honk Kong.
• Illustration for the trucks for the separate waste collection GESENU, in Perugia.
• Illustration for the 2018/2019 communication of Teatro Baracca Testoni in Bologna.
• Illustrations for MICHELIN Campaign The Art Beyond Borders.
• Cover illustration for the VITA Magazine.
• 2 illustrations for Il Corriere della Sera Newspaper, Illozoo Agency.
• 3 illustrations for AbitareGea, about cohousing.
• Creation of the artist book “Legàmi”, in collaboration with private press “HD Edizioni” and Festival INCHIOSTRO.
• Illustration for SALANI Publisher, for the book “EVERY CHILD IS MY CHILD” out in December 2017.
• 2 illustrations for RIZZOLI EDUCATION: creation of 2 illustrated bags.
• Illustration for MYAU ZINE.
• Illustration for the fashion brand Tarte Tatin, creation of two big silk foulards.
• Illustration for Bronson Produzioni: t-shirts for HANA-BI 72.
• Illustration for Cartoon Network.
• Illustration for BetterPress Lab.
• Illustration for Caffè Astoria.
• Illustration for group show Never Grow Up.
• 3 illustrations for Il Corriere della Sera Newspaper, Illozoo Agency.
• Illustrations for the book Monumostri, (collaboration with Bonobolabo and City of Ravenna).
• Cover for LinC Magazine, RCS MediaGroup Agency.
• Illustration for Naples International Airport, Kidea Agency.
• Illustrations for LinC Magazine, RCS MediaGroup Agency.
• Illustration for Grappa Bertagnolli, TITA Agency. 
• Logo for MATRIOSKA Produzioni Cinematografiche. 
• Author and illustrator for the book 100 CHEVALIERS, Editions Amaterra, France. 
• Illustration for the book ROCK MOTEL, Squame Publisher.
• Illustration for the english magazine for children AQUILA.
• Illustration for SCOUT ORGANIZATION.
• Illustration for a video for the anti-corruption campaign Riparte il Futuro.
• Designer at Wallskin, brand of big wallstickers for children.
• Creation of vector illustrations for EEZY.
• Illustrations for children magazine FOCUS Pico.
• Header for PICAME MAG.
• Two cards commissioned by agency Latte Creative.
• Illustrations for RAI TV, spot for the program LO ZECCHINO D’ORO.
• Illustrations for RAI TV, spot for the program UNOMATTINA.
• Illustrations for RAI Radio Televisione Italiana, spot for the program CELIMIOMARITO!.
• Illustration for the cover of the magazine UMAG.
• Illustrations and graphic work for a video for SOLIDAR (a European network of NGOs working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide).
• Illustrations, characters and backgrounds for a video about sustainable food for the international organization Oikos.
• Illustration for agency Newserv.
• Illustration for the advertising campaign of the sound design studio TOP DIGITAL in Milan.
• Illustration for the website of the European Commission EuropeAid – Depelovment and Cooperation.
• Illustration for a poster for Feltrinelli Bookstore (commissioned by Advertising Agency TITA).
• Cover illustration for the magazine for children “AMEMì” [MONDADORI PUBLISHER].
• Illustration for Ludoteca Spazio Merolli.
• Illustrations for a listening guide of “The Swan Lake” for Teatro alla Scala in Milan (commissioned by Advertising Agency TITA).
• Logo for the indipendent record label Ribèss.
• Creation of the logo and one painting on wood for the sushi bar POISSON in Rome.
From november 2008 until january 2010
• Weekly illustrations for the magazine Iodonna of the newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera”.
• Two illustrations for the book “Ultimate Illustration 2!” Monsa Publications, Barcelona (a compilation with some of the best illustrators worldwide).
• Illustration for the magazine Fefè #09.
• Artwork and illustration for the Indipendent Music Festival iFEST09.
• Artwork and illustration for the LP “Love him” by Okapi.
• Illustration for children’s magazine “Focus Pico” n. 4.
• Illustrations for the book “I piccolini e i mostri del parco”, Einaudi Publisher, author Sefano Bordiglioni.
• Illustrations for the book “Il feroce salatino”, EL Publisher, author Sebastiano Ruiz Mignone.
• Illustrations for the book celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Playstation (commissioned by advertising agency TBWA).
• Graphics and illustrations for the book “La solita storia di animali?”, author Christian Raimo, MUP Publisher, coproduced by the Festival of Literature for Children Minimondi 2006, Parma.
• Illustrations for the two issues magazine for children Baribal.
• Illustrations for the art magazine for children Dada by Publisher Artebambini.
• Illustration for the poster “Da Museo a Museo”, for Museums of Bologna, in collaboration with the graphics studio Chialab.
• Illustration for the cover of the CD “Where’s the beef?” by Okapi.
• One illustration for “The multicultural calendar” 2005, Sinnos Publisher.
• Illustrations for the website for children “Rice is Life”, for FAO, in the 2004 International Year of Rice.
• Illustrations for the brochure of the Opera Universitaria of Trento.
• Working all along the year for the children’s magazine “Accattone dei Piccoli”, magazine of young writers for children.
• Realization of the comics “Pino&Perro”, for the artmagazine for children Zigzac, published by Art’è ragazzi (from september 2003 to april 2004).
• Illustrations of the book “Io e la tigre” by Deborah Soria, Sinnos Publisher.
• About 60 illustrations for the book “In volo – The New Anthology for the Middle School”, authors Assandri-Mutti, Zanichelli Publisher, 2004.
• Cover illustration for the magazine for kids “Il lazzarone”, curated by Chialab.
• Illustration for “The multicultural calendar” 2004, Sinnos Publisher.
• Artwork and illustration for the cd “Who is playing in the shadows of whom?” by Dogon.
• Artwork and illustration for the cd “Rumors of war” by Metaxu.
• Personal art show “Glubibulgà”, at Spazio Ta Matete, Milan.
• Monthly artwork and illustration for the internal magazine of Glaxo SmithKline all along the year.
• Illustration for “L’oeil amusè: le corps”, Editions du Rouergue and Paris-Musées.
• Illustrations for “Il gioco dell’oca di montagna”, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, for the International Year of the Mountain.
• Author and illustrator with Susanna Campana of the book “Maschere”, I colori del mondo Publisher.
• Artwork and illustration for the cd “Who is playing in the shadows of whom?” by Dogon.
• Illustrations for the Goethe Institut of Rome.
• Assistant of Chiara Rapaccini doing the animation for the credits of the movie “Panni sporchi” of Mario Monicelli.


• “5 WILD SHAPES”, for QED Publisher, United Kingdom.
• “ZOOM: The biggest circle ever”, for Victionary, Honk Kong.
• “Monumostri di Forlì”, (collaboration with Bonobolabo and City of Forlì).
• Artist book “Legàmi”, in collaboration with private press “HD Edizioni” and Festival INCHIOSTRO.
• “Monumostri di Ravenna”, (collaboration with Bonobolabo and City of Ravenna).

• 100 CHEVALIERS, (author and illustrator) Editions Amaterra, France, 2016.

• I piccolini e i mostri del parco, Einaudi Publisher, 2007.

• Il feroce Salatino,  EL Publisher, 2007.

• La solita storia di animali? MUP Publisher 2006.

• Io e la tigre, Ed. Sinnos, 2003.

• L’oeil amusè: le corps, Editions du Rouergue, 2002.

• In volo – Antologia per la Scuola Media, Assandri-Mutti, Ed. Zanichelli, 2003.

• Maschere, Ed. I Colori del Mondo, 2001.


• TATANKA Journal, 2019.
• Quadrifluox, 2019.
• ILLUSTRATORS ANNUAL (Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017), Ed. Corraini, 2017.
• ROCK MOTEL, Ed. Squame 2015

• PICTOPLASMA, the Portrait Compendium, 2014.

• 64 Kamasutra ART BOOK, Ed. Squame 2014

• Choi’s Gallery #17, 2012.

• Ultimate illustration 2! Monsa Publications, Barcelona, 2010.

• Fefè MAGAZINE #09.

• 030 illustrators – 12 illustratori under 30 Ed. HUBLAB, 2007.

• Erotika Coniglio Editore, 2006.