“Altre Creature” exhibition for Domina Domna Festival.
“The exhibition, inspired by the theme of the 2018 edition of the festival “Being Other”, is a tribute to transformation, diversity and possibility and develops the themes of metamorphosis and contamination. Mixing elements from the world of nature and animals, the images give life to chimeras that aim to explode the pre-established identity imaginary. The urgency is to shatter the boundaries of one’s belonging, to look for a new skin, a new face and new contours. Outline a dress that goes beyond the limits of our daily representation, draw on an intimate and archetypal root, to suddenly discover what each person could be or, deep down, already is.”
(Pic. Roberto Giussani)

60 copies limited edition prints from the “Altre Creature” series are available. Size: 37×46 with passepartout. Numbered and stamped. Printed by Atelier RLD printing company, France. 85 euros each one + shipping costs. To buy, please write me.