Art installation realized for “Let’s Fly” exhibition in New York, curated by Balloon Museum.
The title is D.R.E.A.M.S (Dove Raggiungere E Ammirare Mondi Straordinari). Now moving in Atlanta until 14 april.

“For Let’s Fly in New York, Camilla Falsini has worked on the surrounding walls and three-dimensional structures. At the entrance, we are surrounded by gigantic printed graphic compositions composed of a multitude of colorful shapes and symbols. Further on, the artist innovates, experimenting with inflatable creations for the very first time. She realizes a total of 4 igloos accessible to the public and other inflatable shapes, outlining a dreamlike city in which we wander among mysterious shapes. Are these plant forms in an imaginary village or strange inhabitants of a surreal world? The effect is like being inside an utopian place where the public can play and interact with the artworks. Moving from 2D to 3D, Camilla Falsini brings us into a playful world where acid colors and Pop motifs coexist. With her attraction to asymmetrical shapes and primary colors, Camilla Falsini’s artistic practice is inspired by the Memphis group, a design and architecture movement created in Italy in the 1980s whose ambition was to end ambient “good taste”. With them, cream tones and glass tables were a thing of the past. The Memphis style countered in favor of colorful interiors, where chic materials were combined with kitsch.”

(Balloon Museum)